The Butterfly Circus I

The Butterfly II



There was a blind girl who hated the fact that she had been born blind. She also hated everyone, except her boyfriend.

One day, she said that if she could see the world, she would marry him. One lucky day, someone donated a pair of corneas to her, then her boyfriend asked, “Now that you can see me, will you marry me?”

The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind. She said, “I’m terribly sorry, but I cannot marry you because you’re… blind.”

Her boyfriend, stepped back and, with tears in his eyes, said, “Please, just take good care of my eyes. They were the best that I had.”

Never reject those who love you. Sometimes, people sacrifice for us and we don’t even show consideration for them. Jesus gave His whole life for us, yet most people in this world reject Him.

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There’s no one else who has loved me the way Jesus has.
He poured his love upon my heart.
Only through you Jesus can I live again and be free from sin.
There’s no one else Jesus that will forgive me for all my sins.
With your gentle hands you held my hand.
You delivered me from my sins Jesus.
You restored my life and anointed me with your love.
There is no one else Jesus. You’re my knight and shining armor.
The love I have in my heart belongs to you.
There’s no one else who has loved me the way Jesus
has with his unconditional love. There’s no one else.
The Holy Spirit speaks to my heart through Jesus.
When I am exalting praise to the Heavenly Father in prayer,
His love constantly fills my heart and takes me to a higher worship
with the Lord in prayer. There’s no one’s love in my heart greater
than the love of Jesus. With his love in the atmosphere,
my heart belongs to Jesus. There is no one else who carried
my burden to the cross. There no one else that can cast my sins
to the sea of forgetfulness, only Jesus.
The authority of the Lord has proclaimed Jesus’ love
is victory over my life. There’s no one else who has a door that
is always open with forgiveness. With arms open to remove every tear
from my eyes. There’s no one else only you Jesus.
Prepare the way that I may live again in the Kingdom of God.
There no one else whose love has spread throughout the world.
There is no one only Jesus.

by: Darryl L. Jenkins